Brush mowing

This early spring has us doing prescribed fire and the winter work of mowing brush.  Below is a before and after of some brush mowing I did yesterday.  The light brush is invasive bush honeysuckle thickets, with hundreds of waist high shrubs I was mowing down.  I am also mowing down left over stumps from tree thinning in some of these logged areas.

The fallen tree is a girdled hackberry that died several years back and fell over this year.  I could have left it sit and rot but with all the invasive shrubs in the area I felt I better mulch it up some.  The remainder can be stacked with a grapple after some chainsaw cuts.

The Terex P110 has a Fecon flail style brush mower on it.  These tools are expensive, but contractors are out there who would be happy to pay your site a visit.

img_7791 img_7793

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