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Lesson learned: Plant a high diversity of seed by starting early

To create diverse prairie, you not only need a lot of seed weight per acre but you need a lot of different species of seed.  We start harvesting in May and go into November. The photo above was taken in spring from … Continue reading

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Plant a large weight of seed

It takes a lot of seeds per acre to make sure an area fills in with native plants, not weeds. In the photo, around 3,000 pounds of hand collected seed is being mixed on the floor.   There is over 125 … Continue reading

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Lesson learned: Decide whether your prairie planting will be low or high diversity.

This prairie planting created by volunteer steward, Bernie Buchholz and friends,  is very diverse with over 165 species of plants showing up after several years from 175 species planted.  Yes, there is an eye popping amount of pale purple coneflower and a storm front to capture … Continue reading

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