The Grassland Restoration Network (GRN) is a loose affiliation of projects and project staff engaged in the restoration of diverse native grassland communities.  The Network was formed in 2003 by The Nature Conservancy but its members represent a wide variety of organizations, government agencies, and private landowners. There are three major objectives of the Grassland Restoration Network:

  1. Facilitate communication and cross-site learning among large-scale grassland restoration sites.
  2. Identify and close critical knowledge gaps regarding grassland restoration and measures of restoration success.
  3. Foster a “grassland restoration culture” that increases the quantity and quality of grassland restoration.

The Network sponsors annual workshops, generally in the summer or early fall, at which participants meet at a restoration site, tour nearby restoration projects, and discuss topics such as seed harvest and planting methods, plant propagation techniques, invasive species challenges, ideas for long-term prairie management, evaluation of restoration success, and research needs and results.

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  1. Can someone direct me to some published literature on the efficacy (or lack thereof) of importation of topsoil (A horizon) for restoration of native vegetation? TIA

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