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Fire, Rubus and Geranium

By Bill Kleiman In a closed canopy oak woods we have been doing annual fire for a long time.  The Rubus allegheniensis, common blackberry is slowly fading in stature and density, while the wild geranium, G maculatum, has become abundant.  … Continue reading

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Nachusa Grasslands Fire Report 2018 2019

Link below should take you to our fire report which has data, maps, photos, videos and lessons learned. – Bill Kleiman https://tnc.box.com/s/bltv7z8mwy4hfqjqc5x4fbu8nha9zjmy  

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Nachusa Grasslands Annual Prescribed Fire Report

Colleagues: You might enjoy this annual report. https://protect-us.mimecast.com/s/oQoNCzp4AmI8n9BKUXhOjK?domain=nachusagrasslands.org

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30 year fire report for Nachusa Grasslands

Dear Colleagues: The hyperlink to our report summarizes thirty years of fire at Nachusa Grasslands.  it also describes the current fire year.  Share wit your colleagues. Click to access nachusa_annual_fire_report_2016_2017.pdf The July 11-12 GRN workshop at Konza will open registration … Continue reading

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Fire does not kill the roots of invasive honeysuckle

Fire top kills honeysuckle, but does not kill the root.  We have burned our Bennett woods unit annually for about a dozen years.   The fires top kills most of the honeysuckle, with some plants not affected because they were next … Continue reading

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Illinois Fire Needs Assessment

This is the first systematic report in Illinois documenting the number of acres being burned annually and identifying how many acres need to burn annually to maintain and restore ecosystem health. This review is a call to action for land … Continue reading

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