Planting #117 a success

By Bill Kleiman

This 2015 planting at the Senger tract is awesome. 35 acres planted with 1,400 pounds of un-cleaned seed from 117 species.

Below are some photos looking down.

Above is purple milkwort (pink), western sunflower, wide leaved pussytoes, lance leaved coreopsis, rough blazing star, prairie cinquefoil, cream indigo. I found the milkwort several times walking a transect. Kudos to the crew who picked the little milkworts and the pussytoes. We pick from the end of May through Thanksgiving.

Above is western sunflower, wide leaved pussytoes, silky aster, hairy hawkweed, downy yellow painted cup, wild quinine, thimbleweed, lupine, showy goldenrod, dropseed, rattlesnake master, spidorwort, sheep sorrel (exotic).

Above is cream gentian, stiff aster, prairie coreopsis, wide leaved pussytoes, wild quinine, spidorwort, showy goldenrod, round headed bushclover, downy yellow painted cup, sheep sorrel, lower left grass I am not sure about.

Above little flower is long leaved bluets, western sunflower, downy yellow painted cup.

Above is butterfly milkweed, hoary vervain, wild quinine, wide leaved pussytoes, hirsute penstemon, grass leaved goldenrod, cream indigo, showy goldenrod, spidorwort, little bluestem, western sunflower, silkey aster, lupine.

Above is the same planting but in the lower areas to the south.

How did we get these great results? We hired an awesome crew of Jocelyn F, Kaleb B, Jake H, Mikko H, Sandra V, Kim E, Leah K, Ryan B. They pursued seed most every day all summer and fall. See the full report at

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4 Responses to Planting #117 a success

  1. Kevin Scheiwiller says:

    Do you all just seed an area once or will you continue to overseed in subsequent years?

  2. Mary L. Vieregg says:

    Yup…”Awesome” is the word to describe it.

  3. becky janopoulos says:

    amazing! excellent job!

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