2019 Illinois Prescribed Fires Summary

July 2018 through June 2019

Summary of Illinois Prescribed Fires Accomplished

By Bill Kleiman with map work of Dave Holman

Our Fire Council map of Illinois Prescribed Fires Accomplished highlights our fire community on one interactive map.

Below, the speckles on Illinois are our fires last year.

Below is a view of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County.  Red is the most recent fires.

A fire crew of Forest Preserve District of Cook County

Our annual summary of all fires accomplished, is on the Illinois Prescribed Fire Council website at https://www.illinoisprescribedfirecouncil.org/annual-data-summary.html


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4 Responses to 2019 Illinois Prescribed Fires Summary

  1. Hi,

    This is interesting. One thing though, the map of Cook County is only a map of the Palos area basically. I’m wondering if that means that was the only location they burned or if they just accidentally didn’t include the entire Cook County area.



  2. Adam Thada says:


    Are you aware that fire-fighting foams contain PFAS? I wasn’t until a couple weeks ago.

    Wondering if there are any non-toxic options that do more than just plain water.

    Ref: Steve Glass… https://wingrasprings.wordpress.com/2019/11/09/across-the-nation-pfas-are-in-americas-drinking-water-supplies/

    LOVE this report, as always. So thankful, and hopefully we can borrow & steal the best ideas for the Indiana Rx Fire Council.

  3. The PFAS topic was new to me too. I looked this up a few weeks back. Class A foam does not have PFAS.

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