UTV fire tool holder on roof

by Bill Kleiman

Paul Mellen

There is no great way to carry long hand tools on a UTV. Of late, volunteer Paul Mellen came up with this design and it works pretty good. This is 2″ white pvc pipe with the plastic clamps. (Maybe we should have tried 1.5 inch pvc. 1.25 inch is too small.) We bolted a board on the roof and the used screws as long as feasible, with washers on them, to affix the clamp to the wood.

On each end of the pvc Paul put two layers of used innertube with X slits cut in them. So this is four circles of rubber. The hard part was getting the hose clamps around the two layers of rubber.

Now the tools are easily slid in from the front and the friction of the rubber holds them in. I suppose if you stomp hard on the brakes you might have a tool slide forward, but this has not happened yet. And low hanging tree limbs can do havoc to anything on the roof.

By the way, upcoming fire workshop:


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3 Responses to UTV fire tool holder on roof

  1. johnayres43gmailcom says:

    Good ideas. Thank you to our engineer for simple fixes!

  2. Kirk Garanflo says:

    Orient rake tines or other sharpmedges upward and away from windshields inorder to prevent damage

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