Schedule for GRN 2017 workshop at Konza


Konza Prairie Biological Station and Long Term Ecological Research Site

Manhattan, Kansas


July 11th


12:00 pm            The Grassland Restoration Network (Chris Helzer)

Konza Prairie Welcome Presentation (John Blair)


1:00 pm               Headquarters Area Tour (John Blair, Lydia Zeglin, and Sara Baer)

Hulbert plots

Belowground Plots

Rainfall Manipulation Plots

Irrigation Transects


3:00 pm               Refreshments and Discussion (led by Chris Helzer)


5:00-7:00 pm     Break or Konza Nature Trail (Jill Haukos and docent)


7:00 pm               Catered Dinner


8:00 pm               Keynote: Long-term effects of fire and grazing on tallgrass prairie (Jesse Nippert)


July 12th


8:00                      Meet at Konza Conference Center


Konza Watershed Tour

Est. 8:15-8:45                   Riparian woody vegetation removal (Walter Dodds)

Est. 9:00-9:30                   Patch-burn grazing (John Briggs and KC Olson)

Est. 9:45-10:15                 Watershed plot-studies (John Blair/Lydia Zeglin)

Est. 10:30-11:00                Shrub dynamics (Jesse Nippert)


11:30 pm            Catered Lunch


1:00 pm               Overview of Restoration Research (Sara Baer)


Est. 1:45-2:15                   Tour restoration experiments


2:30 pm               Refreshments and Departing Discussion (led by Bill Kleiman)


4:00 pm               End

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